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archival bond


n. ~ 1. Principally Canadian · The interrelationships between a record and other records resulting from the same activity. - 2. A grade of paper that is durable and has a long life expectancy.


The archival bond1 places a record in context and gives additional meaning to the record. It includes the relationships between records that relate to a specific transaction (such as an application, a resulting report, and the dispositive record that concludes the transaction), as well as the relationship between the records of preceding and subsequent transactions.

(InterPARES Glossary 2002) [archival bond] The relationship that links each record, incrementally, to the previous and subsequent ones and to all those which participate in the same activity. It is originary (i.e., it comes into existence when a record is made or received and set aside), necessary (i.e., it exists for every record), and determined (i.e., it is characterized by the purpose of the record).