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n. ~ 1. A change to a document by addition, deletion, or revision. - 2. A change to proposed legislation after it has been introduced.

(CJS, Records §24) It has been stated that the amendment of a record should be made not by erasures and interlineations on the record book but by drawing out the amendment in form and annexing it to the books where the original is recorded, so that the whole matter will appear.
(NARA Senate Records) [amendment] 1. A change made in proposed legislation after it has been formally introduced. An amendment may be proposed by the committee to which the bill was referred, or it may be proposed by a Member from the floor of either House when it is brought up for consideration. All amendments must be agreed to by a majority of the Members voting in the House where the amendment is proposed. – 2. A change in the Constitution. Such an amendment is usually proposed in the form of a joint resolution of Congress, which may originate in either House. If passed, it does not go to the President for his approval but is submitted directly to the States for ratification.