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n. ~ 1. The ability to locate relevant information through the use of catalogs, indexes, finding aids, or other tools. - 2. The permission to locate and retrieve information for use (consultation or reference) within legally established restrictions of privacy, confidentiality, and security clearance. - 3. Computing · The physical processes of retrieving information from storage media.


'Access' and 'accessibility' are frequently used synonymously, although 'accessibility' carries the connotation of providing access to individuals with disabilities that prevent normal use.

(CJS, Records §95) Matters concerning the form of access to computerized records have been adjudicated. It has been held that an agency may require a person to inspect and copy hard copy printouts, and need not provide him with a computer diskette, and that copies of computer tapes themselves need not be supplied, but only copies of the records contained thereon. However, it has also been held that an agency must make computer tapes available for copying, and must provide information on computer tapes rather than in the form of hard copy, and must transfer information in a computer onto computer tapes.
(Nevada Glossary) [access] To intercept, instruct, communicate with, store data in, retrieve from or otherwise make use of any resources of a computer, network or data.