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Rachael Cristine Consulting
Portland, OR 97223
United States
Phone: 5039223402
Contact Name: Rachael Woody
Contact Email: consulting [at] rachaelcristine [dot] com
Contact Website: http://rachaelcristine.com

I specialize in program development, grant writing and donor cultivation, digitization project management, project scoping, workflow creation, database implementation, outreach activities, social media, and metrics analysis. I have more than 12 years of experience in the archives, library, and museum field, and received my Master of Science in Library and Information Science (MSLIS) from Simmons College, with a focus in Archives Management.

Career Highlights:

  • Revived programs at the Smithsonian Institution
  • Built and launched the Oregon Wine History Archive program at Linfield College
  • Attended and became an alumna of the Archives Leadership Institute
  • Reviewed grants for National Historical Publications and Records Commission
  • Volunteered my time and expertise locally and nationally
  • Provided peer reviews for Archival Practice
  • Served as a mentor to Oregon nonprofits via the Oregon Heritage MentorCorps program

I've worked with a variety of shapes and sizes, from small nonprofits to the federal government, and I've discovered that one thing is true for all of them - they could all use more resources and expertise. With my background I can intuitively scale to your needs. I understand that resources are precious so I work to ensure that you get far more back than what you invested to bring me onboard.

Some of my broader services apply, such as growing programs, structuring successful projects, and cultivating funds. I also offer archives specialty services:

  • Assess the collection, program, and the organization’s mission, and provide recommendations for updating to better meet stakeholder needs
  • Train staff in handling, rehousing, preservation, repair, processing, cataloging, digitization, and social media
  • Evaluate and recommend a facility plan to set up your physical and digital space according to archival standards and best practices
  • Conduct and write a preservation needs assessment report for a facility and/or collection
  • Assess collections scheduled for processing, provide a needs assessment, and suggest a processing workflow
  • Construct a purchase list for rehousing, preservation, and restoration supplies specific to the needs of the collection
  • Create an oral history program and provide an interview template with technology recommendations
  • Conduct, edit, and publish recorded oral history interviews
  • Write an exhibit proposal, review narratives, create an exhibit storyline
  • Evaluate and provide options for a digital asset management system (DAMS)
  • Recommend a catalog system based on organization and stakeholder needs
  • Implement a catalog system and/or a DAMS, create an efficient workflow, and create a finding aid and/or catalog record template per collection
  • Review needs for social media platform, conduct audience analysis and provide a social media platform recommendation

Let’s work together! Call or email me for a free 30 minute consult call, to learn how I can turn your vision into a reality: 503.922.3402, .