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Ital Preservation
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Ital Preservation, provides wide-ranging guidance in proper preservation management. Through proper preservation management, we can adequately capture our experiences, sustain our legacy and culture, and rightly tell our stories. We not only specialize in African, Caribbean, and United States History, but also historical event planning, and archival preservation.

Here are a few Ital provisions we provide to sustain you!

Services offered:

Family Preservation

‍•Family home preservation

•Home Records Management

•Photograph Preservation

•Records Disposal

•Oral History

•Family Reunion preparation (family tree included)

•Family Archivist/Historian Training 

•Donations assistance museum/archives

Archives and Records Management

•Archives rehabilitation

•Collections Management



•Written or Video Descriptions of your archives. 

•Organize your records

•Records Management Training •Records Disposal

•Description and access of your records

Cultural and Historical Preservation

•Exhibition Management

•Educational Programs

•Event/fundraiser assistance

•Project Management

•Tour Guidance 

•Historical event planning (reunions, lectures, educational programs etc.).