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Eaton Consulting
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Washington, DC 20003
United States
Phone: (202) 203-8098
Contact Name: Fynnette Eaton
Contact Email: flejem [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Developed a change management program for the Electronic Records Archives system at the National Archives and Records Administration
  • Managed the Technical Services Branch of the Center for Electronic Records, which had the responsibllity of preserving accessioned federal electronic records
  • Completed a market system of then current European and Australian digital preservation projects in 2008
  • Analyzed electronic records system at the Federal Trade Commission to see if met criteria as trustworthy electronic records system
  • Developed federal records schedules for elecronic records systems at the Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Identified key documentation for scanning for long term retention at the Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Provided training and facilitated meeting to determine procedures for protecting personally identifiable information for an office at the National Institutes of Health