Chris S. Ervin, Certified Archivist


California Central Coast
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
United States
Phone: 760.920.4890
Contact Name: Chris S. Ervin
Contact Email: chris [dot] s [dot] ervin [at] gmail [dot] com

As a certified archivist I help cultural heritage institutions achieve access to their unique historical materials through archival preservation and distribution of collection guides to research gateways.

I partner with research libraries, special collections, community archives, museums, historical societies, corporate archives, religious organizations, nonprofit groups, and families.

When you partner with a certified archivist you are guaranteed to work with a professionally trained preservationist using the most efficient, effective and affordable techniques to develop access to your cultural heritage collections.

My approach is to make your historical materials as useful as possible while applying professional archival standards, controlled vocabularies, and minimal processing techniques.

I have installed and used both ArchivesSpace and Archivist’s Toolkit content management applications, delivered web-based collection guides to the Online Archive of California, and administered a $500,000 capital construction grant to build a research library. I developed an archival program from the ground up and have over 20 years of experience as a project manager in information technology and nonprofit governance.

We start with a free evaluation to discuss your needs.

Reach out to me at or call 760.920.4890