Audio Transcription Center


Corporate Headquarters
Boston, MA 02108
United States
Phone: 857-271-2990
Contact Name: Michael Sesling
Contact Email: michael [at] audiotranscriptioncenter [dot] com

There's a reason the Audio Transcription Center, founded in 1966, has been chosen as the transcription service for 6 U.S. Presidential Oral Histories. 

There's a reason archivists across the United States continue to call upon the Audio Transcription Center for the most difficult and challenging recordings in their archives. 

We are forensic and archival transcription experts; meaning we understand the importance of incorporating extra levels of detail to each transcript that other services overlook. We continue to be the industry leader in greater than 99% accurate transcription services, because human ingenuity and brain power still provide a transcript that is superior to artificial intelligence alone. 

Our clientele understands the importance of balancing accuracy and speed, and these clients know that fast isn't meaningful if a transcript isn't accurate. 

Lastly, your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed on each transcript, or there's no charge -- no ifs, ands, or buts.