Council Exemplary Service Award

Purpose and Criteria for Selection:

Created by the SAA Council in 1980 at the request of the Committee on the Selection of SAA Fellows, this citation recognizes a special contribution to the archives profession, and especially to SAA, that is not eligible for one of the other awards given by the Society. It is given on an occasional basis at the discretion of the Council or upon recommendation to the Council by the Awards Committee.


A plaque.

First Awarded:


Selection Committee:

The SAA Council.

Submission Deadline and Nomination Form:

Not applicable. 

Council Exemplary Service Award Recipients:

2020:   Dictionary Working Group, Archival Metrics Research Investigators (Elizabeth Yakel, Wendy Duff, Helen Tibbo), Lori Lindberg, Mark Puente

2019:   Dr. Michael J. Kurtz

2018:   Documenting the Now

2017:   Sustainable Heritage Network, Teaching with Primary Sources Committee

2016:   Business Archives Section, Oral History Section, William J. Maher

2015:   Mark. A. Greene, Digital Archives Specialist Subcommittee of the Education Committe, and Committee on Advocacy and Public Policy 

2014:   Solveig De Sutter

2013:   Peter J. Wosh

2012:   Native American Protocols Forum Working Group, Michael J. Fox, Nancy P. Beaumont

2011:   Mary Jo Pugh

2010:   David Carmicheal, Kathleen Roe, U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy (VT)

2009:   SAA's Intellectual Property Working Group, David B. Gracy II

2008:   Troup County (Georgia) Archives, Larry Gates, Teresa Brinati

2007:   Trudy Huskamp Peterson, Victoria Irons Walch

2006:   Robert M. Schmidt

2005:   Robert S. Martin

2004:   John W. Carlin

2003:   Brenda Banks, Carroll Dendler, Alexandra Gressitt, Debra Nolan

2002:   Not awarded

2001:   Carroll Dendler

2000:   Not awarded

1999:   Not awarded

1998:   Dennis Harrison, Kris Kiesling

1992-97:   Not awarded

1991:   Susan Grigg, Timothy Ericson

1990:   Not awarded

1989:   Edie Hedlin, Paul Chestnut, J. Frank Cook, James B. Rhoads, Carole Huxley

1981-88:   Not awarded

1980:   Mary Walton Livingston