2010 SAA Research Forum

"Foundations and Innovations"

The fourth annual SAA Research Forum was held Tuesday, August 12, 2010, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Marriott Wardman Park. The forum explored the full spectrum of research activities – from "pure" research to applied research to innovative practice. Researchers, practitioners, educators, and students used the forum to discuss, debate, plan, organize, evaluate, or motivate research projects and initiatives.

Research Forum Co-Chairs Nancy Y. McGovern and Helen Tibbo


"Blue Ribbon Task Force Report" [Slides]
Anne Van Camp, BRTF Member
Moderator: Helen Tibbo

Session 1

Moderator: Joanne Kaczmarek

Archival Quality in Digital Preservation Repositories [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Paul Conway (University of Michigan)

Session 2: Distributed Digital Preservation

Moderator: Joanne Kaczmarek

Persistent Digital Archives and Library System (PeDALS) [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Richard Pearce-Moses (Clayton State University)

Distributed Custodial Archival Preservation Environments [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Chien-Yi Hou (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Richard Marciano (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Caryn Wojcik (State of Michigan)

Session 3: Adapting Archival Practice

Moderator: Ardys Kozbial

Access, Communication, and Learning: Physical and Digital Potentials for Knowledge-Making in Archives [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Ann Holt (Pennsylvania State University)

How to Preserve a Million Digital Records When Everyone Has a Million Other Things to Worry About [Slides] [Handout]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Corinne Rogers and Elizabeth Shaffer (University of British Columbia)

Sherwood Archive Project: Preserving "At Risk" Private Digital Business Records that are of Public Interest [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Sam Meister (Digital Archive of the Birth of the Dot Com Era Project ) and David Kirsch (University of Maryland)

The Hybrid Archivist: Archivists with Library Responsibilities [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Mary M. Manning (Texas A&M University) and Judy Silva (Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania)

Re-Engineering Archives: Business Process Management (BPM) and the Archival Quest for Efficiency [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Gordon Daines (Brigham Young University)

Original Order: Lost In Cyberspace? [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Ken Thibodeau (National Archives and Records Administration)

Session 4

Moderator: Kari R. Smith

Digital Curation Planning Project at Michigan State University
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Slides] [Handout 1] [Handout 2]
Cynthia Ghering and Lisa Schmidt (Michigan State University)

Poster Session (see list below)

Session 5: Collection Management Tools and Practice

Moderator: Ardys Kozbial

New Tools for the Preservation of Modern Digitally Printed Materials [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Daniel Burge (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Embedded Metadata: For the Long Now [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Kari Smith (University of Michigan)

Developing Malleable Finding Aids with Wikis [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Scott R. Anderson (Millersville University)

Policy-Based Preservation Environments [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Reagan Moore (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Digital Preservation Interoperability Initiative [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Wo Chang (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Digital Curation Governance: The Concept and Implications for Professional Capabilities [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Cal Lee and Helen Tibbo (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Session 6: Formulating Community Practice

Moderator: Nancy Y. McGovern

The “M”ord: What Works and What Doesn’t in File Format Migration [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Jennifer Ricker (State Library of North Carolina)

Copyright Practices of Archival Repositories and Their Impact on Users [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Jean Dryden (University of Maryland)

Electronic Records Management at Penn State [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Jacqueline Esposito (Penn State University)

Electronic Records Scalability: Moving From Theory to Practice with Actual Test Results [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Mike Thuman (Ex Libris)

Wrap up

Research Forum Co-Chairs Nancy Y. McGovern and Helen Tibbo


University Institutional Repositories: An Investigation into Long-Term Preservation and Copyright Compliance
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Elizabeth Shaffer (University of British Columbia)

A Sponsor of Literacy: The 4-H Club and Everyday Writing, 1900-1930
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Claran B. Trace (University of Texas at Austin)

A Survey of Archivists of the U.S. Senate
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster] [Handout]
Jan Zastrow and Nan Mosher (United States Senate)

An Archival Advocate: Public Policy Research in PolicyArchive
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Sarah Buchanan (Center for Governmental Studies)

Applying Inheritance: Single-level Displays and Repurposeable Metadata
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Cory Nimer (Brigham Young University)

Archiving on the Hill: Preparing the Archival Papers of Senator Jim Bunning (RKY)
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Dina Mazina (University of Maryland) and Victoria Triplett (University of Kentucky)

Building Communities: Creating a Documentation Model for the Austin Historic Architecture Web-Based Resource
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Kathryn Pierce, Carol Brock and April Norris (University of Texas at Austin)

Chinese Archival Practices: The Impact of Culture and Government Policies on the Research of American-Based Historians in Chinese Archives
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Eugenia Kim (University at Albany – SUNY)

Classical Athenian Archival System: Anagrapheus and Demosion
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Yayoi Tsutsui (Gakushuin University)

Combining Forces: Using Multiple out of the Box Programs When Programmers are Out of the Question!
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Lindsey Loeper and Susan Graham (University of Maryland)

Designing, Implementing and Evaluating a Service-Based Learning Curriculum for a Masters of Archival Studies Program
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Cherie Long (Clayton State University)

Developing a Descriptive Metadata Standard for Performing Arts Archives
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Sharon Lehner (Brooklyn Academy of Music), Tiffany Nixon (Roundabout Theatre Company), June Reich (Brooklyn Academy of Music) and Amber Billey (Whirl-igig.com)

Digital Records Forensics
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Corinne Rogers (University of British Columbia)

Examining the "Small World" of Literary Archival Collections: A Pilot Project
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Katherine M. Wisser (Simmons College)

Gigabytes, Terabytes, Petabytes…Now What?
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Mike Thuman (Ex Libris)

How Accurate is Item-Level Search for Digital Records?
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Douglas W. Oard (University of Maryland) and Jason Baron (National Archives and Records Administration)

How Historians Use Historical Newspapers
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Rob Sieczkiewicz and Robert B. Allen (Drexel University)

No Website? No Knowledge? No Problem!
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Robin Pike (Catholic University of America Archives)

Oral History in the Digital Age
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster] [Related Materials]
Steven Cherry (University of Michigan)

Practice Innovation: Moving a Large, Well-known Web Exhibit into a Librarymanaged Content Environment
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Matthew Stephens (University of Virginia)

Preserving a Community’s Past: Cross-Institutional Collaboration for Archival Outreach and Training
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Audra Eagle (Wake Forest University)

So Brief I Don’t Want to Decide What to Keep: Archiving Scholarly Tweets
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Kaitlin Costello and Jason Priem (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Spartan Archive: Building a Permanent Home for Electronic Institutional Records
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Cynthia Ghering and Lisa Schmidt (Michigan State University)

Tending a Neglected Garden: Archiving Administrative Records at the Harry S. Truman Library & Museum
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Samuel Rushay (Harry S. Truman Library & Museum)

The American Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919: A Digital Encyclopedia, the Next Generation of Digital Repository
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster] [Handout]
Julie Judkins (University of Michigan)

Future of African American Archives
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster]
Rabia Gibbs (University of Tennessee)

Transfer, Accessioning and Ingest Workflows for Born-Digital Records in Collecting Repositories
Abstract & Bio [PDF] [Poster] [Handout]
Mark Matienzo (Yale University)

2010 Research Forum Peer-Reviewed Research Papers

Applying Inheritance: Single-level Displays and Repurposeable Metadata [PDF]

Access, Communication, and Learning: Physical and Digital Potentials for Knowledge-Making in Archives [PDF]

Archiving Scholars’ Tweets [PDF]

The “M” Word: Exploring File Format Migrationwith Open Source Tools [PDF]

Policy-based Preservation Environments: Policy Composition and Enforcement in iRODS [PDF]


2010 Program Committee and Proceedings Editorial Board

Elizabeth Kaplan
Joanne Kaczmarek
Ardys Kozbial
Nancy McGovern (co-chair; editor of proceedings)
Kari Smith
Helen Tibbo (co-chair)
Brad Westbrook
Coordinator: Anne Cox