2009 SAA Research Forum

“Foundations and Innovations”

The third annual SAA Research Forum was held Tuesday, August 11, 2009, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Hilton Austin. The forum explored the full spectrum of research activities – from “pure” research to applied research to innovative practice. The keynote address, “Digital Preservation Research Initiatives at NLNZ,” was delivered by Steve Knight. (SAA is grateful to Ex Libris Group for its sponsorship of the Research Forum.)

For more on the Research Forum, see Julie McLeod’s interview with Forum organizers and participants, part of the Records Management Today Podcast Series.


Keynote Address

Digital Preservation Research Initiatives at NLNZ [Slides]
STEVE KNIGHT (National Library of New Zealand)

Session 1: Content Management Perspectives

Key Aspects in 3D File Format Conversions [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
KENTON MCHENRY and PETER BAJCSY (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Data Accessioner: An Extensible Interface for Mediating Migration of File-based Electronic Records to Stable File Storage [Slides]
Abstract & Bios [PDF]
SETH SHAW (Duke University Archives)

Computational Analysis and Visualization of Electronic Records Collections [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]

How Do Expert Users Judge Archival Qualities in Digitized Photographs? [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
PAUL CONWAY (University of Michigan)



Session 2: Collection Management Tools and Practice

Using the Archon Open Source Collection Management Software to Implement More Product Less Process (MPLP) at the University of Miami [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
KYLE RIMKUS and BÉATRICE SKOKAN (University of Miami)

Searching for “Spitzer” in the Archives: Using Search Strategies in Conjunction with Social Network Analysis of Troopergate Records[Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]

Recordkeeping in a small nonprofit organization [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
SAM MEISTER (San Jose State University)

Standardizing Non-Alphabetical Archival Description: A Survey of Descriptive Practices on Japanese Public Records [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
TAKAHIRO SAKAGUCHI (National Institute of Japanese Literature)

Industrial Business Collections: A Retrospective on Acquisitions Practice [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
Erik Nordberg (Michigan Technological University)

Historic Maps Come Alive: Research in Geospatial Visualization and Access, Using Google Earth and Yahoo! Map [Slides][Bibliography]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
KATHERINE H. WEIMER (Texas A&M University)



Session 3

AC+erm - Accelerating Positive Change in e-Records Management [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
JULIE MCLEOD (Northumbria University)



Session 4: Formulating Community Practice

Bringing Values to the Bitstream: A Framework for Digitally-Aware Professional Ethics of Curation [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
CHRISTOPHER A. LEE (University of North Carolina)

From storage to archive: lessons in infrastructure for digital science data [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
CHRIS JORDAN (University of Texas)

Sharing for the Greater Good: Outreach and Collaboration from the Perspective of Community-Based Archives [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
AUDRA EAGLE (Forsyth County Public Library)

Moving From Theory to Praxis: Designing Participatory Archival Indigenous Information Ethics Education [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
ALLISON B. KREBS (University of Arizona)

EAD (Entire Archives Digitized): Development of a Working Model for Large Scale Digitization [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
KAREN WEISS (Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution)

Business process management and archival content management systems [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
GORDON DAINES and CORY NIMER (Brigham Young University)

Analyze Archival Descriptive Practice Project [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]


Session 5

Automation of Preservation Functions [Slides]
Abstract & Bio [PDF]
REAGAN W. MOORE, RICHARD MARCIANO, ANTOINE DE TORCY (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), and PAUL WATRY (University of Liverpool)


2009 Research Forum Peer-Reviewed Research Papers

“Everything about this Person”: Name-Based Access to Multiple Resources Using EAC [PDF]

Searching for “Spitzer” in the Archives: Drawing New Conclusions from “Troopergate” Using Archival Records and Social Networking Analysis [PDF]

Tapping Our Potential: Business Process Management and Archival Content Management Systems [PDF]

2009 Research Forum Posters

Archival Awareness in Japanese Local Government
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
YASUE SHIMIZU (Samukawa Town Archives)

ArchivesZ Version 2: Progress in Visualizing Archival Collections
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
JEANNE KRAMER-SMYTH (University of Maryland)

Assessing Need for an Automated File Format Obsolescence Notification System for Medium-sized Digital Archives
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
HEATHER BOWDEN (University of North Carolina)

Continued communication...: maximising the information potential of computer mediated communications for business benefit, through records management models, and taking into account the impact of the individual
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
SARAH DEMB and ELIZABETH LOMAS (Northumbria University)

Creating Communities: Digitizing Denver’s Historic Neighborhoods Project at the Denver Public Library Western History Genealogy Department
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
JAMES W. ROGERS (Denver Public Library)

The DP3 Project: Digital Print Preservation Portal
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
DANIEL BURGE (Image Permanence Institute)

The DigCCurr II Professional Institute: The Process of Developing a New Approach for Contextually-Relevant Continuing Education
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]

Digital Authenticity in Response to User Needs
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
SHAUN HAYES (University of Wyoming)

Entirely Not Gone With the Wind: A Textile Survey at the Harry Ransom Center
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster, Handout]
MARTHA HORAN (University of Texas)
“Everything about this person”: Name-based access to multiple resources using EAC
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
NANCY HADLEY (American Institute of Architects)

Finding a Sustainable Place for Archivists within the American Library Association: A Historical Investigation
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
NOAH LENSTRA (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

The First Year of the First Archival Science Course in Japan
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster, Handout]
YAYOI TSUTSUI (Gakushuin University)

The Graphics Atlas
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
RYAN BOATRIGHT (Rochester Institute of Technology)

How Do Expert Users Judge Archival Qualities in Digitized Photographs?
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
PAUL CONWAY (University of Michigan)

How Do We Keep the Archives Viable and Digital Surrogates Sustainable?
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
HEATHER BALL (Queens College)

Industrial Business Collections: A Retrospective on Acquisitions Practice
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
ERIK NORDBERG (Michigan Technological University)

Key Aspects in 3D File Format Conversions
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
KENTON MCHENRY AND PETER BAJCSY (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Making Pictures Identifiable in the Long Now: Is Embedding an Answer?
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
KARI SMITH AND GREG RESER (University of Michigan)

Measuring Kelsey Museum Digital Image Collection in Communities
Abstract & Bio [Abstract]
XIAOLI MA (University of Michigan)

Newspaper as Archive: Contextualizing Andrew Carnegie and Public Library Munificence, The New York Times, 1880-1899
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
ANN BOURNE (University of Alabama)

On the Margin: Personal Archives of an OutcastA Case Study 
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
IZUMI HIRANO (Gakushuin University)

Partners in Preservation: The Walter P. Reuther Library, Gale Group Inc., and the United Farm Workers Collection
Abstract & Bio [Abstract]
JEANETTE OLSON (Wayne State University)

Paul N. Banks' Electronic Records
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]

Pixels to Purpose: Transforming a Rights & Reproductions Department to Support a Sustainable Digital Collection
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
DANA M. LAMPARELLO (Historical Society of Pennsylvania)

Supporting Statewide Best Practices Through Outreach and Education: Three Years of Opening Archives in Florida (2005-2008)
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
JOHN NEMMERS (University of Florida) AND KYLE RIMKUS (University of Miami)

Technical Services and Special Collections Partners in Processing
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
MICHELE SAUNDERS (University of Arizona)

The WebERA Project: Environmental Risk Assessment with a Web-based Preservation Management System
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
KRISTIN M. SMITH (Image Permanence Institute)

Who Are All These People? A New Window into Use of Archival Content in Institutional Digital Repositories
Abstract & Bio [Abstract, Poster]
ELIZABETH KAPLAN AND JASON ROY (University of Minnesota)


2009 Research Forum Program Committee and Proceedings Editorial Board

Fynnette Eaton

Elizabeth Kaplan

Joanne Kaczmarek

Ardys Kozbial

Nancy McGovern (co-chair; editor of proceedings)

Kari Smith Helen Tibbo (co-chair)

Brad Westbrook