Archival Worker Labor Task Force

I. Purpose

The Archival Worker Labor Task Force is responsible for identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing archival worker labor (including students and interns) issues that SAA can impact for the purpose of building long-term structural support among archival workers, SAA, and other organizations for secure and equitable labor conditions for all archival workers.

II. Selection, Size, and Length of Term

The Task Force is charged for a three-year period beginning in August 2023, with a final report with recommendations due to the Council no later than September 2026. The Task Force will consist of nine members (one of whom will serve as chair). Of these members, one will be appointed from among the SAA Foundation Class B board members, one will be a non-member, and one will be a former member of the Task Force on Archival Compensation.

III. Reporting Procedures

The Task Force will prepare an interim status report for the Council’s Fall 2024 & 2025 meetings and a final written report with recommendations for the Council’s Summer 2026 meeting.

IV. Duties and Responsibilities

To fulfill its purpose as described above, the Task Force is charged with:

  • Identifying what labor issues SAA should assist with;

  • Identifying funding sources, including SAA’s relationship with the SAA Foundation;

  • Determining risks associated with SAA responses and funding;

  • Determining the most effective mechanisms for managing and distributing resources (including educational ones) and collaborating with other actors; and

  • Assessing the impact on SAA staff.

  • Investigating compensation for volunteer work done for SAA.

The Task Force should investigate these issues, identify actions SAA should take and prioritize them, and report back to the SAA Council. The Task Force should seek assistance from non-member experts as needed.

V. Meetings

The Task Force shall meet virtually as needed to conduct its work. The Task Force may conduct its business by email, telephone, or virtual meeting during the year.

Approved by the SAA Council in May 2023.