Institutional Membership

Institutional membership is open to institutions or agencies responsible for or substantially interested in the custody, study, teaching, control, or use of archives, records, and/or private papers. Institutional members are eligible to receive the benefits of the Society's programs and services. Each institutional member may also identify a "primary contact" person who is eligible to vote, hold office, and serve on appointed groups.

SAA Thanks the Following Sustaining Institutional Members
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Annual dues for institutional members are:

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Types of Institutional Membership



* Authentication via your institution’s IP range(s) means that any user connecting to American Archivist Online from your institution’s computer network will have access to the journal.

The Role of the Institution's "Primary Contact"

Member institutions may designate one primary contact who is or has been engaged in the custody or control of archives, records, or private papers at the institution, or who wishes to support the objectives of the Society. This individual receives the following benefits on behalf of the institution: