Philip M. Hamer–Elizabeth Hamer Kegan Award: The Center for Home Movies

The Center for Home Movies is the 2017 recipient of the Philip M. Hamer–Elizabeth Hamer Kegan Award given by the Society of American Archivists (SAA). The award, established in 1973, recognizes individuals or institutions that have increased public awareness of archives documents.

The Center for Home Movies is transforming public perception of amateur films through its outreach and advocacy work, especially its annual Home Movie Day. This international “bring your own film” festival, held in local communities, celebrates the unique and historic content of home movies and provides opportunities for expert instruction on the preservation of this at-risk medium. The Center’s efforts “to preserve, provide access to, and promote the interdisciplinary use and study of home movies” also include the 2007 compilation DVD Living Room Cinema, the Amateur Night touring 35mm film program, the 2010 Home Movie Digitization and Access Summit, and the online Home Movie Registry.

“With its unique focus and engaging projects, the Center is making a significant contribution to the public understanding of the value of home movies and the importance of film preservation,” the SAA Awards Committee wrote.