Guidelines for Use of the SAA Logo

SAA component groups (i.e., boards, committees, subcommittees, task forces, working groups, sections, roundtables, and student chapters) are required to display the approved SAA logo on all materials pertaining to official SAA business, including newsletters, websites, social networks, posters, and other promotional materials. This should be accompanied by an appropriate disclaimer (below) regarding the responsibilities of SAA and other sponsoring institutions or organizations for the opinions and views expressed in the documents and/or events in question.

Disclaimer: Use of the SAA logo by an SAA component group does not necessarily imply SAA endorsement of the groups' statements, positions, or opinions.

Vendors, consultants, and for-profit commercial entities, including institutional members, may not use the SAA logo without obtaining prior written permission from SAA's Executive Director.

The Executive Office is responsible for the design and provision of the SAA logo.

Revised:  February 2010; May 2016