Childcare Services for Registrants at SAA Annual Meetings

*The policy for childcare services for registrants at the SAA Annual Meeting is currently under review.

Upon request, SAA will put Annual Meeting registrants in contact with child care sevice providers. SAA will subsidize the cost for child care and will plan an appropriate amount in each year's Annual Meeting budget.

[For more information or to discuss support for child care, contact SAA Chief Executive Officer Jacqualine Price Osafo at jpriceosafo[at] or 866-722-7858, ext. 212.]

The meeting registration material should clearly indicate that a small portion of each registration fee is used to cover the costs of childcare services, pursuant to actions of the 1984 business meeting and January 1985 and 1993 Council meetings.

Adopted by the Council: January 1993
Revised: February 2008; May 2024