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[TST] Electronic Records - The Next Step! [DAS]

(90 Minute Online On-Demand Web Seminar, 1 ARC)
Category: General Archival Knowledge

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Do you have a basic understanding of electronic records, but need an extra push to begin addressing the issue?   

This course is focused on systems that any archives must put in place to ensure it can manage electronic records, and it will cover how to prepare for and address a still uncertain future concerning the management of electronic records.

Upon completion of this course you'll be able to:

Workshop Objectives:
  • Identify considerations for appraisal of electronic records,
  • Choose preservation file formats; and,
  • Implement systems and some practices for managing electronic records.
Who Should Attend?

Archivists and others who have a basic understanding of electronic records.

Ask your colleagues, students, or staff to join you in learning together over lunch or breakfast – in the convenience of your conference room, office, or classroom. Gather around a PC and a speaker phone and get information and tools that will help you adapt your skills to the digital environment.

The DAS Core Competencies Addressed in this Course:

#2: Communicate and define requirements, roles, and responsibilities related to digital archives to a variety of partners and audiences.

#3: Formulate strategies and tactics for appraising, describing, managing, organizing, and preserving digital archives.

This course is one of the Tactical & Strategic Courses in the Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) Curriculum and Certificate Program!  If you intend to pursue the Certificate, you'll need to pass the examination for this course. Please follow Procedures for DAS webinars to access the exam information.