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[F] Copyright: The Archivist and the Law

(2 days, 1.5 CEUs, 10 ARCs)
Category: Ethical and Legal Responsibilities

This two-day workshop provides a basis for the administration of copyright in daily archival work. One of the profession’s acknowledged experts, William Maher, presents updates to issues that should be tracked in the current age of information commerce—including an assessment of the bad news and the good news in the Supreme Court's Eldred decision.

Workshop Objectives:
  • Recognize the complex issues relating to authors’, owners’, and users’ rights in intellectual property;
  • Obtain grounding in the historical rationale for copyright law, including major legislative and judicial developments;
  • Discover the relevance of U.S. federal law to archives and manuscript collections;
  • Examine the current law; and
  • Determine the sequence of decision-making steps needed to manage copyright issues.
Who Should Attend?

Archivists and other professionals who have copyright concerns. Participants are invited to submit specific questions related to copyright up to two weeks prior to the workshop start date.

Attendance limited to? 30
Responses to "what aspect of the workshop was most valuable to you?" included:
  • "Readings, ability to ask questions and clarify issues, and the time to focus on this area of our work!" - Vivian Nieman
  • "I learned so many things in this workshop! All my questions were answered very well. I feel I am returning to work with so much more knowledge." - Miranda Burton
  • "Excellent workshop! He does a wonderful job of clarifying a complex topic and making it a pleasant learning experience. Very positive approach and excellent presentation style. I feel much more able to address copyright issues as a result of this workshop." - Lisa Thompson
Classroom and AV Requirements

1. Room Set-Up:

  • The room should be classroom style (6-foot tables with 2 chairs or 8-foot tables with 3 chairs)
  • Please place a podium and a pitcher of water with glasses next to the instructor station.

2. Required Audio/Visual Equipment:

  • The instructor workstation should have a PC or laptop that runs standard MS Office software and has PowerPoint
  • The PC should have access to Microsoft Word and a USB port
  • LCD projector
  • Projection screen
  • Lavaliere microphone.

3. Minimal Beverage Breaks:

  • Coffee/tea/water for the morning break
  • Water/assorted soft drinks for the afternoon break.