Advocating for Archives

Certificate Eligibility: 
5 ARC, 0.75 CEU
1 day
Max Attendees: 
Tactical & Strategic

You value your profession—but you don’t have the words or know how to make an impact. This workshop provides information on how to identify goals, develop and deliver a message, and methods to employ in advocating for archival programs and archival issues. Practical approaches, tangible models, and examples of materials needed to advocate for your archival programs and issues are offered as well.

Learning Outcomes: 
Develop a focused statement of an advocacy goal for your institution or an archival issue of concern
Create a profile of the audience/individual to whom your archival efforts will be directed and develop a plan for how to approach them
Craft advocacy support materials to develop as part of their effort
Deliver a 3-5 minute “pitch” to support your advocacy goal
Construct a framework plan on how you can reach your advocacy objectives
Who Should Attend?: 

Archivists, librarians, and museum curators at any experience level who need greater skills in advocating for archival programs and issues

What You Should Already Know: 

No prior experience is necessary.

“Presentation and discussion highlighted some good ideas.” – Greg Sanford
"Concrete examples, good stories, and clear handouts helped drive the points home and made me more likely to go back to my organization and do something."
"Good overview of topic, especially the five stages and discussion. Very good overview of topic, material useful, exercises good. It was a good workshop. I will be able to use this information in many ways."
Co-Sponsor Provides: 
  • Classroom: 6-foot tables with two chairs each or 8-foot tables with three chairs each
  • Table, chair, and lectern for instructor
  • A bottle of water or pitcher of water with a glass for the instructor
  • Instructor workstation (a PC or laptop that has a USB port, runs standard MS Office software, and has PowerPoint)
  • LCD projector and replacement bulb for the LCD projector
  • Projection screen
  • Coffee/tea/water for morning break
  • Water/assorted soft drinks for afternoon break