Advocacy Café

Certificate Eligibility: 

Advocacy Café is a series of 30-minute sessions designed to inspire ideas and stimulate discussion about advocacy. Free for SAA Members!


Go beyond the “we need money/staff/space” syndrome in your advocacy efforts with the new Advocacy Café webcast series.


Session 1: Getting Started with Advocacy
In this first session, SAA Fellows and advocacy experts David Carmicheal and Kathleen Roe will lay the foundation for effectively engaging your stakeholders and advocating for your archives. Upon completion of this webcast, you’ll know more about:

  • The reasons why advocacy and raising awareness are essential activities for archivists
  • Discussion about the types of advocacy/awareness archivists may want to pursue—internal advocacy with their own managers and administration; external advocacy with a range of users, records creators/donors, or the general public; and legislative advocacy
  • Development advocacy goals for your institution
  • About resources for further advocacy training

Session 2: Defining and Understanding Your Audience
An essential part of advocacy is planning. Once you have an advocacy goal in mind, you need to think carefully about who you will be the audience for your effort and how can you prepare to more effectively “speak” to that audience. This second session will help you:

  • Identify who the real audiences are that you need to focus on to achieve your advocacy goal
  • Determine what you know about them, and what you need to know about them so your advocacy efforts can be more effective
  • Plan what approaches you can use and how to define outcomes that will help you get their support for your advocacy goal

Session 3: Developing Your Message, Part I: Doing the Data
This session will help you to develop the hard data that can firmly and convincingly make the case for archival purposes via user statistics, return on investment, efficiencies, etc. It will also cover how archives bring demonstrable value to an institution/users/constituents.

Upcoming Sessions in the Works

Session 4 (April 4, 2017): Developing Your Message, Part II: Telling Compelling Stories
As discussed in previous sessions, advocacy needs to have a clear purpose and focus on a specific audience. This webcast will focus on how to convey stories about the value and impact archives can have to “speak” to stakeholder’s interests and how to engage the support of your audience.  

Session 5 (June 6, 2017): Developing Your Message, Part III: Creating a Case Statement
This session will discuss Hackman's Many Happy Returns, which emphasizes the importance of taking time to develop a case statement as a thoughtful, coherent resource for advocacy efforts.


Session 6 (TBD): Legislative Advocacy
This session will cover advocacy with local, state, and federal governmental bodies.

Who Should Attend?: 

Archivists, librarians, and museum curators at any experience level who need greater skills in advocating for archival programs and issues

What You Should Already Know: 

No prior experience is necessary.