Architectural Records Section


The Architectural Records Section (ArchRS) of the Society of American Archivists supports the preservation of architectural, engineering, landscaping, and construction records and brings together care-givers to discuss the storage, conservation, arrangement, and description problems inherent in specialized records. Our mission is to provide a forum for members to discuss issues related to access and management of architectural records and related fields. This site serves to fulfill this mission by providing a clearinghouse of information on architectural records in the spirit of the Cooperative Preservation of Architectural Records (COPAR).

Becoming a member of the section is as simple as logging in to the Society of American Archivists web site (you needn't be a member to create a logon account) and contacting the ArchRS co-chairs. Section members meet once a year during the annual Society of American Archivists conference, and communicate throughout the year via the Architectural Records Section listserv.

2017 Election

This year's election will include a referendum on a proposed name change for the section from Architectural Records Section (ArchRS) to Design Records Section (DRS). For more details and full text of the proposed change to the section's Standing Rules (formerly Bylaws), see the special page on the referendum.