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New Issue of The American Archivist Available Now!

The new issue of The American Archivist (Spring/Summer 2014) makes a splash with eight probing research articles addressing a variety of topics. In “Who’s Ready to Surf the Next Wave? A Study of Perceived Challenges to Implementing New and Revised Standards for Archival Description,” Karen Gracy and Frank Lambert detail their work to determine archivists’ familiarity with standards and their readiness to adapt workflows and systems to the recent changes in standards. Also featured is Alex Poole’s Theodore Calvin Pease Award-winning article for 2013, “The Strange Career of Jim Crow Archives: Race, Space, and History in the Mid-Twentieth-Century American South,” which explores social justice and how archivists handled their responsibilities in a difficult political landscape. Check out these fascinating articles and more online! (The print edition will be mailed to members soon.)

SAA Council Statement on A&A List

In response to a variety of concerns about the discourse on the Archives & Archivists discussion list, as well as recent technological difficulties in maintaining the A&A List due to high traffic, the SAA Council and staff are weighing options for the future of the listserv.  Read more 

Call for Nominations for 2015 Ballot

SAA’s 2015 Nominating Committee needs your help identifying potential candidates for the 2015 ballot! One of the best ways to have a voice in this process is to take an active role in nominating yourself, or a colleague, using the Nomination Form. All nominations are due by June 15. Read more.

Call for Member Comment on Draft SAA Code of Conduct

At its May 22-24 meeting, the SAA Council discussed a draft "code of conduct" for SAA meetings and online spaces. From the discussion paper:  "The ability of SAA members to participate fully in the various events hosted by SAA is a key component in the Society’s diversity and inclusion efforts." To submit comments on the draft "SAA Code of Conduct," log in and post publicly to the website or send an email to by June 22

Dive In to the May/June "Archival Outlook"

The latest issue of Archival Outlook explores, a new educational resource offering best practices and in-archives exercises; looks back at the University of Texas at Austin Student Chapter’s inspiring twenty-year history; and invites your help in developing the Dictionary of Archives Terminology. The print issue will be mailed to members shortly.

In Other Actions, the SAA Council....

Click here for a summary of actions taken by the SAA Council at its May 22-24 meeting in Chicago.

Updated Standards for Digital Archives Webinar

SAA will be offering a ninety-minute Standards for Digital Archives webinar on June 5. This updated webinar is one of the Foundational Courses in the Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) Curriculum and Certificate program; students who wish to receive a DAS Certificate must pass the examination for this course. Covering a range of national and international approaches, this course explains how standards are created and the different standards-creating bodies, identifies the different standards-supporting digital archiving functions, and applies standards to basic digital archiving functions. The course is an effective stepping stone to further courses that focus on specific standards for particular functions and the applications of those standards. Visit the SAA website to register for this webinar.

Appointments Made to Committee on Public Awareness

Many thanks to those who volunteered to serve on COPA. The amazing response showed your high level of interest in this work. While all offers of service could not be accepted, watch for more opportunities to become involved in public awareness as SAA’s focus on this direction increases. Browse COPA’s roster and group description here.

Bell Submits Testimony on DC Archives

SAA President Danna Bell submitted written testimony on May 6 to the District of Columbia Council in support of $44 million for a new DC Archives and Records Center—and the critical and ongoing need to budget for professional staff support.  Read her testimony here.

Discussions of Copyright Extensions Collapse at WIPO Meeting

Discussions by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Standing Committee on Copyright & Related Rights (SCCR) collapsed on May 3, 2014, after the European Union (EU) moved to block future discussion of exceptions to copyright laws that would aid libraries and archives in serving the public. Read more.

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